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29-07-2015 |Literature study with a focus on the occurrence of injection-related seismicity in general and understanding the underlying mechanisms of injection-related seismicity and their relevance for induced seismicity caused by nitrogen injection. See 'Seismic risk induced earthquakes' on the Seismicity and subsidence page

24-06-2015 |Another new TNO report from June 2015 on the induced seismicity in Groningen: Veiligheidsbeschouwing aardbevingen Groningen t.b.v. NPR 9998. TNO 2013 R12071.

24-06-2015 | New TNO reports on the induced seismicity in Groningen as from June 2015.

29-05-2015 | Besluit zoutwinning Havenmond, available for inspection from 29 May 2015 to 10 July 2015.

08-04-2015 | New release Digital Geological Model - onshore (DGM-deep v4.0) now available.

14-03-2015 | Release of data from 2005 annual reports (art 113 Mining Decree): 'Release annual report 2005 art 113' and 'Structural maps 2005'.

08-01-2015 | Oil and gas wells, released in 2014 (preliminary results) are now available

09-12-2014 | Prospex 2014 - Digital Booth - The Netherlands: EBN, TNO and Ministry of Economic Affairs (presentations, posters etc.)

21-11-2014 | Harlingen Subsidence Study - Vermilion Oil and Gas Netherlands B.V., 27 October 2014 is available.

11-11-2014 | Sheets describing geology, potential utilization and mining activities nearby individual salt domes in North-East Netherlands are added.

01-10-2014 | Change in the Subsidieregeling nationale EZ-subsidies due to the conditions in the program Risico's dekken voor aardwarmte.

11-09-2014 | Changes in procedure to submit the annual report (article 113 Mining Decree)

31-07-2014 | Adjustments in subsurface temperature information

18-06-2014 | Natural resources and geothermal energy in the Netherlands - annual review 2013

Annual review 2012

23-04-2014 | Multiple tables with reservoir properties of a large amount of boreholes, arranged by analysis method, are now available. Furhermore petrophysical logs and porosity-permeability plots of core analysis data are provided.

15-03-2014 | Release of data from 2004 annual reports (art 113 Mining Decree): 'Release annual report 2004 art 113' and 'Structural maps 2004'.

05-03-2014 |Publication of the update of the Mining Decree in the Staatscourant: Regeling van de Minister van Economische Zaken van 13 februari 2014, nr. WJZ/13208613, tot wijziging van de Mijnbouwregeling. The updated text may be found on the nlog Legislation page in the section on 'uitvoeringsmaatregelen'. This updated Minning Decree is available in Dutch only.

27-02-2014 | Overviews and maps of Licences as at January 1 2014 and licence mutations during 2013.

13-02-2014 | The interactive map using Windows Internet Explorer 10 does not work correctly. Use a earlier version of this browser at this moment.

13-02-2014 | Activity plan received for the fallow part of the production licence N07b.

12-02-2014 | Ministeriële regelingen SDE+ 2014 published.

28-01-2014 |Download the notification of the draft vision on wind energy at sea (ontwerp-Rijksstructuurvisie Windenergie op Zee)

20-01-2014 |Documents and Reports on Induced Seismicity Groningen Area can be found here. This website also contains all further information by the Dutch Govenrment on the Groningen case: Aardbevingen in Groningen

10-12-2013 | Prospex 2013 - Digital Booth - The Netherlands: EBN, TNO and Ministry of Economic Affairs (presentations, posters etc.)

27-11-2013 | Digital 2D Seismic lines, provided by NAM (2012), now available

24-10-2013 | Update address Ministery of Economic Affairs: Ministerie van Economische Zaken, Directie Energiemarkt, Postbus 20401, 2500 EK DEN HAAG

11-10-2013 | Ontwerpbesluit zoutwinning Havenmond, available for inspection from 11 October 2013 to 21 November 2013.

01-08-2013 | Digital files of the Geological Map of the sub-regions Elbow Spit High, Step Graben and Dutch Central Graben (NCP2C) en Winterton High, Winterton Platform and Zeeland Platform (NCP2G). Also the burial history reports for NCP2A, 2D, 2E en 2F have been updated or annexes are added.
Overview of all published files for all sub-regions can be found on the page Offshore sub-regions: NCP-2A, -2B, -2C, -2D, -2E, -2F and -2G

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