EBN SCAN 2D seismic data


In the coming years EBN, together with TNO will perform a study to ascertain the suitability of the Dutch subsurface regarding the application of geothermal energy. Currently large areas of the Dutch subsurface are poorly covered by data, too poor for such a study. The Seismic Campaign Geothermal Energy Netherlands (acronym SCAN in Dutch) has been initiated to increase the data available data for these areas by:

  • Reprocessing existing 2D seismic data with modern techniques. 
  • Acquisition of new 2D seismic data.

With this data the potential of geothermal energy in the Netherlands can better be ascertained and potential geothermal energy projects can be accelerated. For more information and latest developments regarding SCAN see: www.scanaardwarmte.nl (In Dutch)

Test Line

With regards to the Acquisition of new seismic data, EBN has recorded a test line of approx. 35 km between Utrecht and Almere in 2019. This is a unique data set in which all geophones record each shot of the line. In total, 1355 shots were registered with 5817 channels per shot and an offset ranging from 10 meters to 10’s kilometers. Data was recorded by vertical single geophones spaced 5 meters apart with a 2 millisecond sample interval and a record length of 20 seconds (10001 samples per trace).
With the resulting long offset 2D seismics it is expected that it is possible to look deeper in the subsurface compared to industry standard techniques. 

Data request

The field data (idented, in SEG-Y file format) of this line can be requested by contacting the Servicedesk. TNO charges a provision fee of € 300 and delivery of the data is through a file transfer service.
As more data becomes available within SCAN it will be published on this page.