Geothermal licencing

The exploration and production of minerals or geothermal energy in the Netherlands require a licence from the Minister of Economic Affairs (Mining Act, article 6). Under the Environmental Licensing Act it is also necessary to hold an environmental permit (for more information, see

No costs are associated with the issuing of an exploration licence for geothermal energy, or for the issuing of a production licence for geothermal energy. The Mining Act does provide for the option of linking a payment to geothermal production, but the Minister does not make use of this option because policy is aimed at stimulating the use of geothermal energy (in the context of climate policy). Nor are any payments or fees imposed for other decisions made by the Minister of Economic Affairs in relation to the exploration and production of geothermal energy on the basis of the Mining Act.

A short explanation regarding the procedure in order to erquest a licence has been published by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Moreover TNO-AGE has published a document that displays the considerations that has to be taken into account by TNO-AGE when advising about the extent of the production licence boundary.

For more information regarding the legislation of licences please browse to the specific page. Furthermore it's possible to view the procedure to request a licence on this page. The workflow also provides a small overview.

Publication of applications for exploration permits
These can be viewed on the Dutch government’s website. Enter “geothermal energy” in the search window and opt for “In title only”.

Licence Overview

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