Rotliegend project

The aim of the study was to integrate data and models into one platform to build a 3D-model of the Slochteren and Silverpit Formations (zie Rotliegend dataset: Marginal notes). These aims are directly related to the need, of especially the AGE group of TNO, to have a better grip or even a predictive tool on the distribution of reservoir productivity. A productivity attribute to fields, prospects and aquifers at any given location in the Dutch subsurface is a prerequisite of present and future policy support and advises to the ministery of economic affairs (MEA). The project was executed in 2008-2009 and resulted in a 3D grid mimicking the lithostratigraphic subdivision of the Rotliegend in the Netherlands. The step to fill the 'sand facies' with environment and permeability attributes is postponed. It was felt other parties may find the preliminary dataset and results beneficial for in-house studies. Therefore, a release of the project file in Petrel format is now available on request: order Rotliegend dataset. Please include your name and affiliation.