NLOG licences map not up-to-date

Due to a back-end update, the interactive map – licences has not been updated for some time. The most up-to-date overview of changes in licences can be found on this page and in this news item.

Main current affairs:

  • Application for exploration licence for storage
    • K08a, K10a, K11a, K12a, K13a, K14a, K14b, K15a, K15b & K17a
    • O15, O17, O18, P13a, P14a, P16, P17 & P18a

(not in overviews:)

  • Application exploration licence hydrocarbons F03a
  • Rejected exploration licence geothermal energy Gooi en Vechtstreek
  • Application production licence geothermal energy
    • For the area of the exploration licence Poeldijk 2

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