Map manual

Use your mouse to drag a map to navigate through that map. You can zoom in on a specific area either by using the scroll wheel on the mouse or by delineating an area on the map by moving your left mouse button while keeping the shift key down.

Ticking the box in front of a particular map layer’s name will add that layer to the map. This way, layers can be hidden or shown.

Order of layers

The order in which layers are shown on the map can be adjusted by using the arrow to click on the buttons next to the relevant layer. The background map is always, however, at the bottom and  this cannot be changed.


Information on an object in a map can be accessed by clicking on that object. These data will then be shown in a new window.

Note! If no new window opens when an object is clicked, it is possible that the pop-up blocker of your browser is switched-on. Switch off the pop-up blocker for this website.

Information on several objects (maximum: 500) can be requested simultaneously by clicking on Select in the top bar.

Information on the following data can be requested:

  • Fields
  • All wells
  • Completed wells
  • Currently drilling wells
  • Producing wells
  • Licences
  • Storage licences
  • Rock salt licences
  • Hydrocarbon licences
  • Hydrocarbon licences – under application
  • Geothermal energy licences
  • Coal licences


Additional map layers

You can add additional layers to a map by clicking on the + sign for that information category at the bottom of the map. This will add that layer to the map.