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NOTE! In the following procedures references are made to the official text of the Mining act. You will find direct links to the relevant articles. Unfortunately the official text of the Mining act is not available in English. However there is an unofficial translation in pdf format available from our legislation page.

Technical requirements for operators

Operators must comply with Dutch legislation and regulations. The essential question is whether a certain operator is in a position to comply with that legislation and those regulations. As part of the process for determining whether it is in a position to comply, the operator must prove that it possesses:

1. Management specialised in this field.
2. Suitably skilled and experienced staff capable of controlling the mining engineering processes.
3. A staff that is sufficiently knowledgeable about Dutch legislation and regulations.
4. An organisation capable of dealing with any disasters that might occur.
5. A Strategic Plan for performing the aforementioned activities.
6. Sufficient financial reserves to carry out the aforementioned activities (for the record only).

Technical requirements for operators