Seismic data

Information on the supply of data can be found on the page data supply

Seismic and other geophysical studies

TNO houses the national geophysical database – mainly seismic data – acquired under the Mining Act. Seismic lines or surveys can be selected by using an interactive map or using the data center. You can use the buttons on the results screen to download or order selected lines and surveys free of charge (providing the total size does not exceed 200MB/1GB) via the link. A fee will, however, be charged for any work done by the TNO Service desk. Fees are listed in ‘Fees and Indications of Delivery Times of TNO Seismic Products'

The map showing digital 2D lines displays only those lines where quality control (QC) has been performed. More datasets are, however, available and currently undergoing QC. It is useful, therefore, to specify the area you are trying to find 2D data for, so that TNO can check whether relevant digital data are available for that area. Data without QC can usually be supplied within two weeks. If QC is required, data will normally be supplied within five weeks.

Multi-client seismic surveys (spec surveys)

In early 2016, the Ministry of Economic Affairs decided, ahead of an amendment to the Mining Decree, to extend the confidentiality period for multi-client seismic surveys from five to ten years. The expiry dates of confidentiality periods for all multi-client seismic surveys available from TNO have now, therefore, been set at ten years after completion of data acquisition.

Pre-stack data

Since the new Mining Act came into force in 2003, pre-stack data must also be released to the government. This means you can also order any 2D or 3D pre-stack data you are interested in.Pre-stack data are available for various 2D lines. These pre-stack datasets are not yet visible on our maps. TNO welcomes enquiries about the availability of pre-stack data for areas or lines you are interested in. If these are not available from us, they may be requested from the data owner. However, very early data may no longer be retrievable.

You can order 3D pre-stack data you are interested in. TNO will then request them from the data owner, check they are complete and supply them to you.

TNO charges a fee for copying or arranging to copy pre-stack data. This fee depends on, for example, the size of a survey.

Regulations on seismic surveys

The Dutch State Supervision of Mines (Staatstoezicht op de Mijnen) must be notified of how a reconnaissance survey is to be carried out. This applies to all types of geophysical surveys. More information.