Core collection Geological Survey

For over a century, the central core storage of the Geological Survey of the Netherlands collects drill cores, cuttings, slabs, lacquer profiles and other materials from the Dutch subsurface. The collection contains material from both the shallow and deep (subject to the Mining Law) subsurface. The amount of available subsurface material is ever growing and is invaluable for research and in projects that make use of the Dutch subsurface.

Re-use of geological sample material for research

Changing socio-economic perspectives and new research equipment and methods make it of interest to revisit and analyze existing geological samples to, for example, investigate potential or reduce risks of future projects in the subsurface . Research on available sample material from previous drilling campaigns can help with research questions in for instance the:

  • Energy sector, e.g. geothermal energy, heat and offshore wind
  • Built environment
  • Subsurface storage

Visit the core storage

The central core store has facilities to study cores, cuttings and sediments. To plan a visit our central core store please contact our service desk. Sampling is possible upon request.

Available material:

Whether sample material is available can be found for each individual borehole through the borehole page within the Data center or through selection of a specific borehole on the NLOG map.

Photos Rotliegend reservoir

Part of the collection is now visible online. Click here for core photographs of the Rotliegend reservoir from the Groningen gas field and surroundings.