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Annual Report under article 113 Mining Decree

The operator shall draw up an annual report on the basis of article 113 of the Mining Decree for all accumulations and prospective structures within his licence areas. This report should be submitted before March 15th of every year. For more information on submitting an annual report see the page Procedures for Plans and Reports.

Release of data from annual reports

Some of the data contained in the annual report is released after a period of 10 years in accordance with article 116 Mining Decree. 2003 was the first year that the annual reports are drawn. This coincided with the submitting of the first version of the production plan (for yet producing fields as well). In certain cases the submission of the 'winningsplan' has been accepted as being sufficient. As a result, not all data sets in the 2003 annual reports are complete.


Reporting year    
2010 Release annual report 2010 art 113 Structural maps included in annual report 2010
2009 Release annual report 2009 art 113 Structural maps included in annual report 2009
2008 Release annual report 2008 art 113 Structural maps included in annual report 2008
2007 Release annual report 2007 art 113 Structural maps included in annual report 2007
2006 Release annual report 2006 art 113 Structural maps 2006
2005 Release annual report 2005 art 113 Structural maps 2005
2004 Release annual report 2004 art 113 Structural maps 2004
2003 Release annual report 2003 art 113 Structural maps 2003