Oil and gas

Natural gas provides approximately half the energy used in the Netherlands. Oil and gas have been produced from the subsurface of the Netherlands for more than half a century.

By now, more than 470 gas fields have been discovered, some 250 of which are currently producing. The Groningen gas field is by far the largest; all the other fields are therefore called ‘small fields’. Of the total of 50 oil fields discovered, some 15 are currently producing. Dutch oil production is fairly limited in comparison to domestic use.

Data on producing fields are presented in the production plans available on a specific oil or gas field’s individual page. Please see the datacenter or the interactive map.

New production- and production licences are avaible for consideration to the public as a part of the appliciation procedure. These and accompanying documents can be found at the site mijnbouwvergunningen

Groningen gas field

In view of the special situation in the Groningen gas field, extra geological information is provided separately (see menu bar). In addition, the main technical reports prepared by TNO on induced earthquakes can be found under the mining effects tab. 

Stranded fields

The list of stranded fields provides information on fields that were discovered many years ago and that, for various reasons, have never been developed. Fact sheets containing references to these fields’ key data may encourage new developments or ideas that may lead to economically viable production scenarios in the future.

Promoting exploration for and development of oil and gas reserves

Since 2010, two special schemes have been in place to encourage the exploration for and development of oil and gas reserves. These are

'Fallow Acreage Covenant’ to promote exploration for and development of oil and gas reserves and storage of substances in the Dutch part of the continental shelf (Convenant ter bevordering van de opsporing en ontwikkeling van de olie- en gasreserves en de opslag van stoffen op het Nederlands deel van het continentaal plat)  (in Dutch; see Fallow acreage)