Administrative procedures

Below is given an overview of the administrative procedures such as the supply of data, plans or reports and the request for an exploration, production or storage licence.

Themes marked with an asterisk * have a request form.

Reporting of reconnaissance survey

Data supply

  • Geophysical data
  • Borehole data
  • Rock samples


Procedures Licences

  • Environmental licence application
  • Licence for reconnaissance survey (seismic acquisition), offshore
  • Exploration and production application*
  • Storage licence application*
  • Environmental mining licence application*
  • Splitting of a licence*
  • Combining of licences*
  • Transfer of licences*


Plans and reports

  • Production plan*
  • Subsurface storage plan*
  • Work plan
  • Closure or decommissioning plan
  • Annual report under article 113 Mining Decree*
  • Release of data from annual report*


Other procedures

  • Installing a mining installation*
  • Participation of Energiebeheer Nederland (EBN): Cooperation agreement*
  • Technical requirements for operator