Scientific Articles

Online geoscientific references database relevant for the Netherlands

An online reference database which uses the Zotero platform and is maintained by TNO. The database contains over 7500 geoscientific references covering the Netherlands and surrounding areas. The PDF-files are not available for download due to copyright and confidentiality restrictions. Click the link below to open Zotero.

Quick start:

  • Search: use the search bar at the top right, select "Title, Creator, Year + Full text content" for the most comprehensive results;
  • To search by keywords added by TNO, use the suggested search terms in this PDF;
  • Search results: open a result by clicking on the relevant publication, more information will appear on the right-hand side of the screen;
  • Save: export references by selecting them and then pressing the "Export" button at the top of the list (symbol with upward pointing arrow);
  • Due to copyright, no PDFs are made available via this database outside TNO;
  • Comprehensive help: Zotero Support.