View the data in the new Data center

Boreholes, fields, licences and production figures can now also be found in the new Data center.

Original raw and interpreted data such as models, maps and data sets can be downloaded or ordered here. The raw data and interpreted sets are up to date as much as possible and are directly derived from the DINO database. The information under the “Models, maps and datasets”page is projectbased and results of the different projects have a fixed date of publication .

Data intake and supply
Under the Mining Act and Mining Decree, principals/operators have to provide the Minister of Economic Affairs with copies of all data obtained during the reconnaissance, exploration, production or storage of mineral resources or geothermal energy. For more information see data supply.

Well logs, cuttings, cores and the accompanying reports are available after a statutory five-year confidentiality period. Administrative data are available to the public immediately.

Seismic data
Most seismic data and the accompanying reports are are available after a statutory five-year confidentiality period. Multi-client seismic surveys are available after a statutory ten-year confidentiality period after aquisition. Reprocessed seismic surveys are publicly available 5 years after reprocessing.

Production and injection data
These are oil and gas production and injection and production rates for storage facilities and the injection of processing waters. Monthly production and injection figures for every well are available after two months.

The annual reports and structural maps are available 10 years after the year of reporting.

Models, maps and datasets
The models, maps and datasets also include results of national research programmes and joint industry projects (JIPs) carried out by TNO.This information has a fixed date of publication and is not updated subsequently. The data as viewed on the dynamic map and associated web based services can also be found here.

Technical reports, presentations and papers on these subjects can be found under publications.