Details on boreholes can be found per individual borehole. For a restricted number of datatypes it is also possible to download the complete dataset.
Information on data supply and provision may be found on the data supply page.

Data by borehole

Data by borehole

Administrative data of wells and boreholes are always available in the public domain and information can be obtained by searching for a borehole in the interactive map or using the data center.
Well log measurements and reports are available after the confidentiality period of five years has expired.

The following data types are available:

  • Administrative data
  • Documents: reports and logs (including composite logs, as TIF or PDF format) 
  • Logs (LIS/LAS): digital log curves 
  • Samples: explanation of Rock-Eval & Vitrinite reflectance data
  • Core measurements
  • Lithostratigraphy
  • Deviation data

New data
Newly released documents and log traces can be fount by selecting the link ‘Releases of the last six months'. This links shows an overview of all newly added data over the period.

Free tool
PreView: Usefull (fast) tool for viewing composite logs and images of logs in TIFF-format

Other sources of borehole data
Participation to the  Guarantee Scheme for Geothermal Energy  requires the release of certain borehole data after completion. This information can be found on the  RVO-website

Combined data selections by type

A complete dataset as one spreadsheet from all boreholes can be downloaded for the following datatypes. These combined sets are generated regularly from the DINO database so as to represent the current content (i.e. the downloadable data content is up-to-date with respect to the content of the database).

Drilling rigs

The actual position of drilling rigs employed in the North Sea is published by the Hydrographic Service in the weekly editions of the Notices to Mariners.