Inventory of wells through shallow gas layers in the Dutch North Sea
Authors: Dr. M. Wilpshaar, G. de Bruin, N. Versteijlen     
TNO2019 R11562, May 2020

Abandonment of solution mined salt caverns in the Netherlands    
Authors: Dr. I. C. Kroon, Dr. B. Orlic, Dr. B. C. Scheffers          
NITG 03-172-B, September 2003

Stringers in Salt as a Drilling Risk
Authors: M.H.A.A. Zijp, M.A. Huijgen, M. Wilpshaar, R. Bouroullec, J.H. ter Heege
TNO2018 R10975

Property prediction of Plio-Pleistocene sediments in the A15 shallow gas systems
Auteurs: Dr. J. H. ten Veen, Drs. C.R. Geel, G. Kunakbayeva MSc., Dr. T.H. Donders, Dr. R.M.C.H. Verreusel

Anatomy of the Cenozoic Eridanos Delta Hydracarbon System
Auteurs: J. ten Veen, H. Verweij, T. Donders, K. Geel, Bruin,
TNO 2013 R10060

Using Underground Gas Storage to replace the swing capacity of the giant natural gas field of Groningen in the Netherlands. A reservoir performance feasibility study.
Auteurs: Juez-LarrĂ©, J., Remmelts, G., Breunese, J., van Gessel, S., Leeuwenburgh, O.
in: Journal of Petroleum Geosciences and Engineering 145, 34-53pp., 2016

New stratigraphic insights in the Late Jurassic
Authors: O.A. Abbink, H.F. Mijnlieff, D.K. Munstermann & R.M.C.H. Verreussel
in: Netherlands Journal of Geosciences, Geologie en Mijnbouw, 85-3, pp. 221-238, 2006

Late Cenozoic sub-marine landslides in the M and G offshore blocks, the Netherlands
Author: F. Bardi
TNO-034-UT-2009-02153/A, Oktober 2009

Potential for CO2 storage in depleted gas fields on the Dutch Continental Shelf - Phase 1: Technical assesment
Authors: J. Breunese, G. Remmelts, R. van der Velde & J. Mieog

The life cycle of the Netherlands' natural gas exploration: 40 years after Groningen, where are we now?
Authors: J. Breunese, H. Mijnlieff & J. Lutgert
in: Petroleum Geology: North-West Europe and Global Perspectives - Proceedings of the 6th Petroleum Geology Conference, pp. 69-75.

The Netherlands: a case of optimisation of recovery and opportunities for re-use of natural gas assets
Author: J.N. Breunese
in: 23e Wereld Gas Conferentie, Amsterdam 2006

Subsurface structure of the Netherland - results of recent on and offshore mapping
Authors: E.J.T. Duin, J.C. Doornenbal, R.H.B. Rijkers, J.W. Verbeek & Th.E. Wong
in: Netherlands Journal of Geosciences - Geologie en Mijnbouw, 85-4, pp. 245 -276, 2006

Stratigraphy and tectonics of Permo-Triassic basins in the Netherlands and surrounding areas
Author: Mark Geluk.

Nitrogen contents in the northwest Netherlands offshore area
Authors: H. Kombrink, D. Della Lunga, H. Mijnlieff, I. Kroon

The alluvial architecture of the Coevorden Field (Upper Carboniferous), the Netherlands
Authors: H. Kombrink, J. Bridge & E. Stouthamer
in: Netherlands Journal of Geosciences, Geologie en Mijnbouw, 86-1, pp. 3-14, 2007

NW European Gas Atlas (text and figures)
Author: Lokhorst, A.
NITG-TNO, 1997

Predicting gas production from future gas discoveries in the Netherlands: quantity, location, timing, quality
Authors: J. Lutgert, H. Mijnlieff & J. Breunese
in: Petroleum Geology: North-West Europe and Global Perspectives - Proceedings of the 6th Petroleum Geology Conference, pp. 77-84.

Sedimentary development, seismic stratigraphy and burial compaction of the Chalk Group in the Netherlands North Sea area
Authors: Allard Sytse van der Molen
in: Geologica Ultraiectina, 248, 2004

Using basin modeling for geothermal energy exploration in the Netherlands - an example from the West Netherlands Basin and Roer Valley Graben
Authors: S. Nelskamp, J.M. Verweij
TNO-060-UT-2012-00245, Januari 2012

Mogelijke alternatieven voor ondergrondse opslag van gas in de zoutkoepel Pieterburen (only available in Dutch)
Author: G. Remmelts
TNO-060-UT-2011-00725, Mei 2011

Upper Carboniferous of the Cleaverbank High
Authors: B.M. Schroot (editor), H.B. de Haan & S.D. Nio
NITG 97-138C, Juli 1997

Hydrocarbon potential of the Pre-Westphalian in the Netherlands on- and offshore - report of the PETROPLAY project
Authors: B.M. Schroot, F. v. Bergen, O.A. Abbink, P. David, R. v. Eijs, H. Veld
NITG 05-155-C, Februari 2006

Fluid flow systems analysis on geological timescales in onshore and offshore Netherlands - With special reference to the Broad Fourteens Basin
Author: H. Verweij

Lower Cretaceous Rijnland Group aquifers in the West Netherlands Basin: suitability for geothermal energy
Authors: G.J. Vis, S.F. van Gessel, H.M. Mijnlieff, M.P.D. Pluymaekers, J.M.M. Hettelaar, D.P.M. Stegers
TNO-034-UT-2009-02410, Mei 2010

Petroleum geological and prospect evaluation of three open blocks in the G-quad of the Netherlands Offshore
Authors: L. Zwart & H.F. Mijnlieff
TNO-2006-U-R0170/A, December 2006


Other Posters

Interval velocities of a Triassic claystone: Key to burial history and velocity modelling
Authors:W. van Dalfsen, H.F. Mijnlieff & H.J. Simmelink, TNO
in: Poster, 2005

Controls on the distribution and thickness of Permian basal Upper Rotliegend sandstones, the Netherlands: probing the limits of the Rotliegend play area.
Authors: Mark Geluk & Harmen Mijnlieff, TNO
in: Poster, EAGE, 2002

Distribution and thickness of Permian basal Upper Rotliegend sandstones - A sequel of the Rotliegend featheredge model
Authors: Harmen Mijnlieff and Giovanni Pezatti
in: Coreworkshop of "Fifty years of petroleum exploration in the Netherlands after the Groningen discovery", organised by EBN and TNO Geo-Energy in cooperation with PGK, 15 & 16 januari 2009, Utrecht

Top Pre-Permian distribution map & some thematic regional geologic maps of the Netherlands 
Author: Harmen Mijnlieff, TNO
in: Poster, ICCP, 2002

Information Geochemical dataset
Authors: Hanneke Verweij, Ingrid Kroon & Harmen Mijnlieff, TNO
in: Information