New release of NLOG with NLOG Data Center

23 July 2020

Via NLOG, the Geological Survey of the Netherlands (part of TNO) provides answers to questions from local authorities, operators and other users on the exploration and production of gas and geothermal energy. As of now, the NLOG is available with a new Data Center containing a number of newly built applications that make it easier for users to utilise.

Highlights of the revamped version include the improved visual design and user interaction. The familiar functionalities for consulting data on NLOG continue to be available, albeit in a more user-friendly, accessible form. In addition to downloading data, the option of online consultation is also included for some types of data. The introduction of the NLOG Data Center is an important step in offering less experienced users access to data via NLOG.

User-friendly and easily accessible

The following functionalities are available to you in an improved form, now at a central location in the portal:

1) Consult and download data from:

  • Boreholes
  • Fields
  • Licences

2) Consult and download production figures from:

  • Wells
  • Fields
  • Mining activities
  • Licences

The new release has been made available in addition to the existing applications for consulting data. This allows you to use both versions alongside one another for a period of time and to switch over gradually. From October 2020, only the new release will be available. The new release can be accessed via the NLOG homepage.

Experience of users

Your reactions to the new release of NLOG are very welcome. For reactions and questions about the NLOG and the NLOG Data Center, please get in touch with us via the contact form.