Geological Atlas of the Deep Subsurface of the Netherlands

The Geological Atlas of the Deep Subsurface of the Netherlands was constructed over the period 1991 – 2003 and published in 15 separate map sheets.

In 2006 an updated version was compiled  based on extensive mapping of new data. An accompanying text describes the geological history, the paleo-geographic setting and an additional section on applied geology; petroleum geology, geothermal energy and underground storage (e.g. natural gas and CO2).

The geological maps are regularly updated. The most recent versions can be found – and downloaded as digital map – from the Data page (Models,  maps and datasets).

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Geological Atlas: Deep subsurface of the Netherlands: maps I - XV (1991-2003)

  Explanation Map
Map I Vlieland - Terschelling
Map II Ameland - Leeuwarden
Map III Rottumeroog - Groningen
Map IV Texel - Purmerend
Map V Sneek - Zwolle
Map VI Veendam - Hoogeveen
Map VII + VIII Noordwijk - Rotterdam en Amsterdam - Gorinchem VII + VIII
Map IX Harderwijk - Nijmegen
Map X Almelo - Winterswijk
Map XI + XII Middelburg - Breskens en Roosendaal - Terneuzen XI + XII
Map XIII + XIV Breda - Valkenswaard en Oss - Roermond XIII + XIV
Map XV Sittard - Maastricht

More information and downloadable datasets on the webpage Geological maps