Overview publications

Literature review on natural seepage and human-induced leakage of methane at the North Sea and the Gulf of Mexico 
Authors: Jasper Griffioen en Kees Geel
TNO report - TNO 2022 R12275; Date: 6 januari 2023


Haalbaarheidsstudie offshore ondergrondse waterstofopslag
Authors: Serge van Gessel (TNO), Bastiaan Jaarsma (EBN), Remco Groenenberg (TNO), Dennie Kleijweg (EBN), Joaquim Juez-Larré (TNO), Silke van Klaveren (EBN), Walter Eikelenboom (EBN), Gijs Remmelts (TNO), Renske van Slooten (EBN), Esmée Boter (EBN), Thijs Huijskes (EBN), Maartje Koning (TNO)
Date: 1 juli 2022



Whitepaper: Subsurface energy storage is essential for the future energy system - Storage guarantees security of supply and flexibility
Authors: S.F. van Gessel (TNO), T.D. Huijskes (EBN), B. Schroot (EBN), R.A.F. Dalman (TNO)
Date: October 2021


Assesment of underground  energy storage potential to support the the energy transition in the  Netherlands
Authors: Joaquim Juez-Larré, Serge van Gessel, Rory Dalman, Gijs Remmelts, Remco Groenenberg
In: First Break 37 (7) 2019, 57-66 pp.: Assessment of underground energy storage potential to support the energy transition in  the Netherlands

Subsurface structure of the Netherlands - results of recent on/offshore mapping (2006)
Authors: E.J.T. Duin, J.C. Doornenbal, R.H.B. Rijkers, J.W. Verbeek & Th.E. Wong, TNO – Geological Survey of the Netherlands, Netherlands Journal of Geosciences — Geologie en Mijnbouw, 85 – 4, pp. 245 – 276. 2006

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