The Dutch Northern Offshore has long been a relatively underexplored region. The discovery of reservoirs and mature source rocks warranted a renewed interest in the area. This project, referred as the Northern Offshore Project, started in 2013 and was finished in May 2015. The present report summarizes and compiles all of the results obtained by the TNO research team.

New Petroleum plays in the Dutch Nortern Offshore
Authors: G. de Bruin, R. Bouroullec, C.R., Geel, R.A. Fattah, T. van Hoof, M. Pluymaekers, F. van der Belt, V. Vandeweijer and M.H.A.A. Zijp

Ondergrondse Opslag in Nederland - Technische Verkenning
Auteurs: S.F. van Gessel (TNO), J. Breunese (TNO), J. Juez Larré (TNO), T.D. Huijskes (EBN), G. Remmelts (TNO). Review: B.M. Schroot (EBN), R.A.F. Dalman (TNO), J. Koorneef (TNO)

Subsurface structure of the Netherlands - results of recent on/offshore mapping (2006)
Auteurs: E.J.T. Duin, J.C. Doornenbal, R.H.B. Rijkers, J.W. Verbeek & Th.E. Wong, TNO – Geologische Dienst Nederland, Netherlands Journal of Geosciences — Geologie en Mijnbouw, 85 – 4, pp. 245 – 276. 2006

Stratigrafische Nomenclator van Nederland
Gecompileerd door H.A. van Adrichem Boogaert en W.F.P. Kouwe. Mededelingen Rijks Geologische Dienst. Nr 50, 1993 - 1997

Tectono-stratigraphic Charts of the Netherlands Continental Shelf (February 2011) 
TNO – Geologische Dienst Nederland, 2011

Geologische atlas
Rijks Geologische Dienst / TNO – Geologische Dienst Nederland, 1991 – 1999 / 2004