Other procedures

NOTE! In the following procedures references are made to the official text of the Mining act. You will find direct links to the relevant articles. Unfortunately the official text of the Mining act is not available in English. However there is an unofficial translation in pdf format available from our legislation page.

Request for installing a mining installation

It is prohibited to install a mining installation designated for production without the approval of the Minister of Economic Affairs. The request for approval shall be submitted no later than 8 weeks before the planned installation of the mining installation. 

Request form: Installing a mining installation

Mining Act: article 1, sub o and article 141a
Mining Decree: chapter 5.2, articles 41-66 and article 168
Mining Regulation: 

Participation of EBN: Cooperation Agreement

The Minister of Economic Affairs may at the request of the license holder and prior permission designate in the offshore exploration license that EBN participates in the exploration for crude oil or natural gas (this option is not available for exploration licenses on land).
The Minister may also without a request designate in an production license that EBN on behalf of the State participates in the production of crude oil and natural gas. This state participation applies to production licenses, both on land and offshore. The exploration or production agreement requires the agreement of the Minister. For more information: EBN

Request form: Cooperation Agreement

Mining Act: Chapter 5.2, articles 81-97b
Mining Decree: 
Mining Regulation: