NAM 2D seismic data


In 2012 the Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij (NAM) provided TNO with roughly 5920 digital seismic lines in order to increase the public use of this data. The data consists of ~2540 onshore lines in RD coordinates and ~3380 offshore lines in TM5 coordinates.TNO has added an extra map layer of navigation data derived from the SEGY files. This allows the areas with the digitial 2D seismics to be represented graphically and to be selected and ordered through the interactive map. For questions on the origin of this seismic data please contact the Servicedesk.

Quality Control

TNO provides the NAM 2D seismic lines as is. This means that no quality control (QC) has been done on the navigation and that neither the NAM nor TNO gives any guarantee on the accuracy of the data.


The digital 2D seismic dataset (NAM, 2012) can be ordered by sending an email to the Servicedesk. and will be delivered on a USB-stick with a TNO index including shape-file and kml-file. TNO will charge provision fees for this service, see point 3 of 'Fees and delivery times of TNO Seismic Products'.

Please note: Lines of the NAM 2012 dataset can coincide with digital data that has already been provided as per the Mining Law (see map layer '2D seismic digital'). These seismic lines have been checked by TNO and are available from the TNO archive.