SCAN 2D seismic data


Since the beginning of 2019 TNO and EBN jointly carry out the 3-year research program Seismische Campagne Aardwarmte Nederland, in short SCAN. The results of the SCAN project allow a better estimation of where in the Dutch subsurface there is potential for geothermal heat production. The main projects of the SCAN program concern seismic data acquisition in the field with modern techniques and the re-processing of existing seismic data of the Dutch subsurface. In the acquisition and reprocessing of data  an emphasis is placed on areas with a low data density.  By combining and further study of the results obtained from these projects, the knowledge on our subsurface is further increased. More information on the SCAN program can be obtained via the website, whereas via the website all research data and final results of the different studies within SCAN are being made public.

The following map shows the acquired and reprocessed seismic data within the SCAN that is currently available:
•    Map
•    Shapefile

Test Line

As part of the acquisition of new seismic data of the subsurface, for SCAN a test line of approx. 35 km between Utrecht and Almere has been recorded in 2019. This has resulted in a unique data set obtained from a setting where all geophones record each shot of the line. In total, 1355 shots were registered with 5817 channels per shot and an offset ranging from 10 meters to 10’s of kilometers. Data was recorded by vertical single geophones spaced 5 meters apart with a 2 millisecond sample interval and a record length of 20 seconds (10001 samples per trace). With the resulting long offset 2D seismics it is expected that it is possible to look deeper in the subsurface compared to industry standard techniques. 

Data request

The field data (idented, in SEG-Y file format) obtained for this test line can be requested by contacting the Servicedesk. TNO charges some costs for handling of the request and final delivery of the data is via a file transfer service.

Currently the processed seismic data of the Test Line is not yet available. As soon as the processing activities are completed the data will be made available here.

Reprocessed seismic data for SCAN area C

For 26 lines in SCAN’s research area C, that were acquired in the 1980’s, the data has been reprocessed. The 26 lines originated from 6 surveys. The first two surveys include two long regional lines, the so-called RGD-NAM-DEEP lines, which extend over 268 km (in two parts) from Bergen-op-Zoom via Utrecht and Zeewolde to Oudeschans. The reprocessed seismic data of the RGD-NAM-DEEP lines are not yet available. The reprocessed data from the other four surveys are comprised of 315 kilometers spread out across 24 relatively short lines with a length of 5 to 24.5 kilometers per line. These reprocessed seismic data can be obtained via the following download links:

Line Seismic Data