Results public SHRA Groningen

Starting points for the calculation of the public SHRA Groningen 2021, including the advice from TNO, SodM and KEM and the letter of expectations from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, can be downloaded (in Dutch) via the link Modelversies publieke SDRA Groningen | Publicatie |

The input data, model assumptions and results of the public SDRA 2021 are described in the report and with the link to the input data from the NAM website: 
•  Publieke Seismische Dreigings- en Risicoanalyse Groningen gasveld 2021 (TNO rapport, TNO2021 R10441, 24 maart 2021)
•  Addendum TNO2021 R10441, 15 juni 2021
•  NAM input data: Pressure Data - GTS-raming 2021

Technical developments of the public SDRA Groningen for 2021 are described in this document.
NAM's operational strategy, future advice from the advisers and decisions of the ministry can be viewed on the website of the Rijksoverheid. In addition, for scientific purposes, the model input, source code and model output can be requested via the contact screen of