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Maps as shown on this web site are available to the users. Links shown in the tables below refer to either the digital data or to web sites or web services. 

Important: Data is supplied by Rijkswaterstaat Noordzee and TNO. Although we strive for uniform data sets this is not always the case for cartographic data. This specifically applies to the projection systems used. Reason is that the data originates from different user environments. Conversions to the desired projection system will have to be executed by the user.

WFS services



3D seismic data

2D seismic data analoog

2D seismic data digitaal

All wells

WMS services

Production platforms


3D seismicdata

2D seismic data analoog

2D seismic data digitaal

2D NAM seismic data

All wells

Wells completed

Wells drilling

Wells producing

Trajectories (UTM)

2D seismic data
2D seismic data 1980-1984

2D seismic data 1975-1979

2D seismic data 1970-1974

2D seismic data before 1970

Licences subsurface storage

Licences rock salt

Licences hydrocarbons

Licences hydrocarbons applied for
Licences geothermal energy

Licences coal

Licences carbon dioxide
Licences scientific research
  • How to: add a WMS server in ArcGIS
  • How to: add a WMS server in QGIS


Rijkswaterstaat geographic data

The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment (Rijkswaterstaat=RWS) manages and uses geographic data sets for its primary processes. Some of these data sets are available on the internet. A full, up-to-date listing of data sets and corresponding metadata can be viewed via RWS map viewer.

Nationaal GeoRegister (NGR)

Oher geographic data are also available from the Nationaal GeoRegister (NGR).