Pressure Southern North Sea (PSNS) database

This PSNS database has been generated via several projects and from which the latest one concerned TKIG01002 “Integrated pressure information system for the onshore and offshore Netherlands” and which took place from beginning of 2013 until January 2015. This version of the database only contains public data for wells as published on NLOG via, amongst others, well completion reports, wireline formation test logs, drill stem test reports, production test reports, formation integrity test/leak-off test reports, mud reports and logs, weekly/monthly drilling reports and well logs. This database is not complete as it does not cover all wells for which such documentation had become public by mid 2014, neither does it cover wells for which such documentation has become public since mid 2014.

For further information you are referred to a public version of the final report of the aforementioned project. Two appendices of this report list all other data and visualization products that have been generated in the project. These data and other products are not available via this page or other pages of NLOG.

The database and final report are made available as is and TNO does not assume any responsibility or liability for any damage that might result from its use. Any specific observations on the data though may be brought to the attention of TNO.