RNES (warranty regulation)

Drilling for geothermal energy is accompanied by risks. The drilling operation is costly and does not always yield results. In order to help cover these risks, the Guarantee Scheme for Geothermal Energy (Only available in Dutch) was set up, covering the risks for geothermal energy falling under RNES (the National Economic Affairs Subsidies Regulation). The Guarantee Scheme for Geothermal Energy is opened periodically for applications.

When preparing your application, to calculate the indicative geothermal capacity you may use the DoubletCalc software that can be downloaded from the Tools webpage. This program, which is made available by TNO, makes it easier to create the required graphs of probability values.

Participation to the guarantee scheme requires the release of certain information after completion. This information can be found on the  RVO-website

The application for the Guarantee Scheme and any claim under this must meet certain stipulations relating to the geological research, the well testing and the calculation of the indicative geothermal power. Details are given in the following documents: