The SDE++ subsidy assists the Dutch government to stimulate the production of sustainable energy. More information on the SDE++ regulation can be found on the Netherlands Enterprise Agency website. You can also apply for an SDE++ subsidy here. Here is an overview of already awarded SDE++ subsidies to geothermal energy projects.

SDE++ geological research
It is mandatory to submit a geological report based on research that meets the stipulations of the SDE++ Geological Research Model. Further details on the minimum requirements for the geological information accompanying the application for the SDE+ subsidy can be found in the TNO report "Specifications for the geological research for geothermal projects: SDE+ and RNES reporting requirements” (April 2017). Report is in Dutch.

When preparing your application, to calculate the indicative geothermal capacity you may use the DoubletCalc software that can be downloaded from the Tools webpage. This program, which is made available by TNO, makes it easier to create the required graphs of probability values.