Application environmental licence

Application environmental licence (Wabo) (as from 1 October 2010)

As from 1 October 2010 the Environmental Licensing Bill (Wabo) will come into force. Some 25 existing systems for issuing permits, licences, exemptions and so on for location bound activities which have an impact on our physical environment, are being replaced by a single environmental licence. The main purpose is to establish a single, straightforward procedure with one set of rules for persons or businesses seeking permission for activities which affect the physical environment. This includes one application form to fill in, one single competent authority, one supervision and enforcement authority and one procedure for objections and appeals. The goal is to simplify licensing systems and reduction of expenses for the applicants.


After the Wabo comes into force it applies for the Dutch territory, including the territorial sea: the twelve-mile zone. The current procedures and rules for issuing and acquiring licenses for mining activities outside of the twelve-mile zone, will stay unaltered in force after 1 October 2010. Article 3.3 of the Besluit omgevingsrecht states that the Minister of Economic Affairs is the competent authority to process a license application for works or installations of which mining is the main purpose.

Method Decision general rules mining environment (Barmm)(only available in Dutch)

Omgevingsloket online (only available in Dutch) is an instrument to digitally submit and process applications for licenses. With this internet tool it is possible to do a license-check to see whether a license or notification is in order, which information needs to be provided and, if need be, to download a paper application form. The Ministry of Economic Affairs strives for receiving applications and accompanying documents, such as building plans, as much as possible in digital form via Omgevingsloket online.
Important! Don't forget the information that the Minister of Economic Affairs is the competent authority. Read more... (only available in Dutch).