License for reconnaissance survey (seismic acquisition), offshore

Licence for reconnaissance survey (seismic acquisition), offshore

Chapter 2 of the Mining Decree describes the rules for seismic acquisition offshore the Netherlands. In general there is no license required for seismic acquisition. Only in the case that shipping lanes military areas are involved special approval is required. ;Consult the maps with shipping lanes and military areas

Acquired data has to be supplied to the Minister of Economic Affairs according to article 108 of the Mining Decree.

The most efficient way to satisfy this requirement and therefore avoid any possible delay in the authorisation process is for Licencees to send the document to:
1. Ministerie van Economische Zaken en Klimaat, Directie Transitie Diepe Ondergrond, Postbus 20401, 2500 EK, Den Haag and
2. the digital version to

NB! The Netherlands is currently assigning areas in the North Sea of particular interest in terms of nature conservation. A distinctive license in agreement with the Nature Conservation Act (Natuurbeschermingswet) will be required.

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