The Hypo-Lias-project
Authors: Sander Houben, Susanne Nelskamp, Tanya Goldberg, Roel Verreussel, Nico Janssen, Susan Kerstholt and Thijs Boxem
TNO Report 2017 R10380

The Hypo-Lias-project provides an overview of the depositional and paleoclimatic development of the Early Jurassic in the North Sea area (UK, Netherlands, Denmark and Norway). This cross-border project was initiated to challenge the assumption that the Lower Jurassic of the North Sea is very homogeneous and predominantly not prospective. The results obtained from the combination and integration of the various analytical techniques provide an unprecedented cross-border perspective on the Early Jurassic, bearing relevance to a multitude of geoscientific challenges.


Addendum to Hydrocarbon Potential of the Lias: HYPO-Lias
Authors: Sander Houben, Susanne Nelskamp, Susan Kerstholt and Nico Janssen
TNO Report 2017 R10380

This addendum was funded by UK’s Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) and focuses on two research topics, related to the findings of the first Hypo-Lias-study: (1) The Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event in the East Shetland Platform Area, and (2) Source rock potential of the Western Approaches area. These research topics are presented in two separate chapters of this report. The report is concluded with a summary chapter as part of which the results of this 2nd phase study are integrated with the regional results of the 1st phase of the Hypo-Lias study.